Cute and Pretty Nail Art Designs for Summer

Over the years, women have used a lot of color to decorate their nails, but in the past decade, Japan’s nail art has exploded with creativity and unlimited artistic choices. The art of manicure has become the main product of Japanese women’s new fashion, and its intricate and eye-catching design has attracted global attention. Charming, sparkling, or interesting, there are countless kinds of nail art that can be done these days.

And luxurious ocean themed nail designs! Instead of going to the obvious ocean palette, we like this design is made by Huangjinhe flash! It creates a feeling of very advanced and expensive-we can not ignore how amazing the charm of the sirens is. Here’s what’s obvious, but these Pooh Cubs ‘nails are cute! We’re a huge fan of the character on the nail, so the design is really compelling! Seeing your favorite childhood cartoons on your nails sounds healthy.

We ‘ve always loved the fire nail design trend, especially when they’re like this baby pink! It’s also an interesting combination to balance nails with these charming, holographic accents. This is one of the simplest designs, but it does add an impact. What do I have to say besides the Rosario character on my nails? The light blue on the cinnamon roll and the light pink in my melody are such charming duets. And the ears of love and the bow are three-dimensional!

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