Different Braid In Different Seasons

With the changes of seasons, there are different braid in different seasons. Different braid using in different is a perfect way for long hair. Whenever you want to go for a walk in spring, or you are planing for a great music festival in summer, there are many braid hairstyles are suitable. It will very comfortable for you when you are having a beautiful braid.

Spring Side Braid

Spring side braid is a perfect choice for spring. It is a kind of thick and chunky braid, and it’s also very messy, so maybe we must use some pinning to make it in the place. But it is so beautiful!

Coachella Semi-Braid

It is very fun because there are some wisps and loose strands. The braid is in the very center of the back of head. This kind of braid have a long history. It begins with Dutch braid, and then it transformed into fishtail braid, not that traditional braid. It has a textured look.


Floral Bouquet Braided Semi-Updo

If you really want to have a special look this spring and summer, you can give this unique hairdo – it’s very beautiful! It’s made up of a bunch of little braids twisted into flowers, and it is tied off with a thick and voluminous hair bow.

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