Different Kinds Of Braids Make Different Kinds Of Style

How many kinds of braids do you know? Many years ago, there are only a few hairstyles as we can braid. Such as three-strand plait, it’s a very old kind of braids.But, with the development of society, we can see many kinds of braids outside. When we are going shoping, we can see many girls with a various of braids. It is good news for girls who like to try new things.Because there are different kinds of braids in different occasion.Braids are permanent, girls will never stop loving to it.

Three-strand plait

Five-strand plait

Waterfall braid

Infinity braid

Rope braid

French braid

Fishtail bran

You know there are so many kinds of braids, which one do you like best? Choose one and braiding,.

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