Long and Beautiful Ponytail Hairstyle for Women

Ponytail braids are now very popular and suitable for women of any age. Best poker straight hair, start spraying your hair with hair gel, then brush your hair back to the high ponytail. Take a small piece of hair from below and wrap it around the elastic band. Fix it in the back with a pin. This is a very classic hairstyle.

Super sexy version of the classic ponytail. Firstly, a thick and thin curly head is rolled to the middle and end of the hair to form a large elastic curl. Gently comb out the curls, create rolling waves, easily pull back, so that the front is free. Use the end of your comb to roll up the top of your hair and add volume to the crown. This curly ponytail is both sexy and cute.

Next, we have two braided ponytails. This one is longer and looser than the one in front of us. Different braid styles give hair a charming look. A ponytail like this is perfect for a Bohemian theme wedding. Hair has been designed as a large, loose Dutch braid along the center of the head and smaller braids along both sides. Hair styles like this can show your fashion and avant-garde style, but they are very attractive. So it’s perfect for any special occasion.

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