Simple and Beautiful Nail Art Designs for Girls on Summer

Who says summer is simply all about shadows and beaches of many colors? You can also rock these summer nails with white and light colors, such as blue, purple, pink and black. Even if they don’t draw any dolphins or coconuts or designs like this, it’s not until the summer atmosphere is clearly illustrated.

Rock and roll with black, silver and sea green theme nail art design! Painted with pure black nails, highlighted by shiny silver nails and light green nails, painted with black leaves. Simple, but very strong and pleasant eyes. If you are a fan of minimalist design, then you can go after this nail fashion trend.

Elegant summer nail design is what you need. It has Lavender nail polish and glossy sheen on it. This summer’s nail polish art is easy for anyone. It looks clean but elegant at the same time. Paint it with warm white and pink colors, and it’s sure to catch your eye with an amazing flash! The nails are also painted with a white background and pink gloss on the top, which adds to the fun.

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