The Most Beautiful and Glamorous Acrylic Nail Art Designs in Summer

This nail polish gives “nail polish” a new meaning. You may feel like you’re shining too much, but these shiny tips add enough luster to the occasion. Do this by hand. Apply the polished gold polish to your nails and mix them from tip to center. Does the nails match your diamond ring? I mean, I can’t think of anything better than a wedding. If you’re the kind of bride who wants to drop diamonds, add a few crystal pins to your nails.

Whether you have a simple dress, you want to dress up, or you have a dress, covered in beads and details, this crazy Manila is the perfect day. You might want to leave it to a professional. It has a clear nib, gold trim and pearly stone, but a suit like this is worth spending more time and money. Of course, with a neutral finish, these nails look great, but the fine gold detail makes your nails look a bit redundant. Big day.


If the bride doesn’t want to wear too traditional clothes, these almond nails and abstract designs will look cool. In order to replicate this appearance, a white solid coating is applied to the nails, and when the paint is still wet, use an orange stick to go back and use the wet polishing traces to outline the negative space design. We already know you shine on big days, but your nails should shine too. If you like a high gloss look but don’t want to flash, use a thin top strip brush and white polish to make these tiny star designs.

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