the Popular Hair Colors: Strawberry Blonde

There are many different kinds of strawberry blonde hair that exist. Some are natural colors and others created by barber shop. Whatever you choose to get your hair done at the salon or choose the hair colors by yourself, you still need to have an idea of the color you want before you change your hair colors. Before we introduce the hair colors, we would like to share some ways on how to get strawberry blonde hair by yourself. The following choices should help you to determine which variation of these beautiful strawberry hues is perfect for your next cute and easy hairstyle for next year.

Long Luscious Subtle Strawberry Blonde

Trendy Pink Toned Beachy Waves

Brown, Blonde, and Strawberry Balayage

Edgy Chic Strawberry Blonde Bob

Sexy Blonde Based Strawberry Blonde

Loose waves are on trend now and are an easy style that you can create at home in a short time. Strawberry blonde does not have to be a super bold color, especially if you already have red hair naturally. The benefit of this haircolor is that it would look great curled or worn naturally, so it can be easy to style!

Soft and Subtle Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Bold and Beautiful Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Beautiful Dusty Strawberry Blonde Waves

Long Delicate Strawberry Blonde Hair with Waves

Cool-Toned Brown with Blonde and Strawberry

To recreate these looks, you will need a larger number tools to your look. A lot of people think that strawberry blonde are difficult to maintain, but as you can see here the right color and cut look great together. This strawberry blonde is accented with a few darker hues. You can easily create this style at home with tools on your way!

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