The Unique Nail Art Designs for Summer That on Trend

Short nails are a popular trend in recent years! This is a cute and eccentric nail art design loved by lovely lover. The nails are painted with sea green and white matte light and black details, and the anchor and V-shaped Chevrolet lines are painted to further highlight the nail design.

Brave and happy are the prominent characteristics of nails in summer. This Creative Nail Art Design sometimes gives you the idea that the more strange the color, the better it looks. Play your nails with this white-coated Polish background and add a variety of color flower and leaf elements to make you stand out from other designs.

Simple and beautiful nails are perfect for you. Paint your nails with a combination of pink, blue and white to create this lovely look. Coated with light blue powder, the nails have white background and serrated white stripes on the top. It’s very easy to recreate yourself and a real eye to satisfy this summer.

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